After the exams

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On successful completion of the Level 4, 5, 6 or 7 Diploma, the appropriate award certificate will be despatched after the results slips have been sent.

Award certificates should be received within three months after release of examination results. Arrival times can vary from country to country depending on the international post. ABE will not issue a replacement certificate until these three months have passed. Please click here for further information about replacement certificates.

Enquiries about results (EAR)

ABE has a wide range of checks and quality assurance procedures in place to ensure that every student who takes an ABE examination receives a result which accurately reflects their performance in that examination.

However, on occasion, a student may consider that their result is not an accurate reflection of their performance. In such cases a student may query or challenge the mark/grade they have received.

For information on the ABE Results Enquiries and Appeals Policy and how to apply, please go to the Members Area.

An Enquiry About Results (EAR) is the first step for candidates that wish to enquire or challenge their result. If a student wishes to make an enquiry, the form EAR Exam form must be received by ABE no later than 14 MARCH 2014 (for the December 2013 exams), or 12 SEPTEMBER 2014 (for the June 2014 exams), otherwise it will not be processed. EAR requests for Level 7 Assignment results must be received no later than 28 days after the result is issued.

To access the EAR Exam form please click here, or to access the EAR Assignment form please click here.

The EAR Exam form must be accompanied by the correct payment and any EAR requests cannot be processed until funds have cleared.

There are three different enquiries levels available:

Reasonable adjustments and special considerations

Reasonable adjustments and special considerations are made to ensure that candidates receive recognition of their achievement without compromising the integrity and reliability of the ABE examinations. Reasonable adjustments and special considerations are not concessions to make examinations easier for candidates, nor a means of gaining an advantage.

ABE treats all requests for reasonable adjustments and special considerations in the strictest confidence.

For the ABE Reasonable Adjustments and Special Consideration Policy & Procedures document click here.

Candidates requiring a reasonable adjustment must request this using form ABE1. The deadline is the same as the closing date for entries for that examination session. Candidates requesting special consideration must applying using form ABE2, no later than 7 working days after the examination date. Both forms are available to download from the Members Area.

Replacement certificates

In the event that you misplace your certificates or they fail to arrive via the post, ABE will issue you a replacement free of charge provided you notify the office within 6 months of the exam session whereby you completed your qualification.

For example, if you pass your final Level 5 Higher Diploma unit in June 2012, your certificate will be posted out to you in August 2012. If it has failed to arrive by October, you would need to contact the ABE office to request a replacement. Should you leave it longer than 6 months, we will still issue you a replacement certificate but only upon payment of a £25 (GBP25) fee.

For an application form, please click here.